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Survey Questions:

The survey data provide an understanding of how members of a household interact with the transportation system. This understanding will help plan improvements to road and transportation facilities for drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, and public transit users as your area grows.

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The Transportation Tomorrow survey asks questions about how and where people travel. We will ask questions regarding household information and concerning the types of trips made by each person in the household. This will include where the person travelled, when he/she traveled to this location, and the purpose of the trip.

Here is a sample of the questions asked:

About your household

  • Type of Dwelling (house, townhouse, or apartment)
  • Number of people
  • Number of vehicles available for personal use

About each person

  • His/her age
  • Does he/she have a driver’s licence?
  • Does he/she have a transit pass?
  • What is the address of his/her workplace or school?

About each trip made by each person on the previous weekday

  • Origin and destination (from where, to where?)
  • Reason for making the trip (e.g. shopping, work, etc.)
  • Start time of the trip
  • Mode of transportation (e.g. bus, car, bicycle, etc.)

We will only be collecting trip information for persons 11 years of age or older.

A trip is a one-way journey from one location to another by any form of motorized transportation or bicycle. We will request some information about walking trips, but only for trips to and from work or school.

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